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Dairy calves





  • La Métairie du Rouergue, a versatile company, has been involved in the production of calves since its creation in 1998.
  • 4000 calves, a production of 150 calves / week.
  • 25 breeders under contract.
  • Main or complementary workshop.
  • Willingness to maintain the distribution of the surplus value on the whole of the French sector.
  • Follow-up and technical supervision.
  • Guaranteed and monthly payment.







  • New building or to renovate (for example: old pigsty)
  • Box of 5 to 8 calves
  • 120 to 320 places
  • Building composed of one or more rooms
  • Box with double or single facade




Personalized follow-up




At the cutting edge of technology, turned towards the future, the Métairie du Rouergue supports its breeders in the design and development of buildings. This with the aim of optimizing the performance of the result, the well-being of the animals, and the simplification of the breeder's work. We provide weekly monitoring of your animals.



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La Metairie du Rouergue

Discover the breeding or get started in the production of beef calves with the support of our expertise - La Métairie du Rouergue

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