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The dairy goats that we export are rigorously prepared from birth to departure. We ensure the selection and monitoring in order to offer animals that meet the needs of our customers. We generally ship the young Alpine and Saanen goats at the age of 4 to 5 months in order to carry out the service in their country of destination.

We use the means of transport best suited to each situation: Truck, Boat or Plane.

The delivery of a Pedigree certificate is possible. We put in place the logistical means necessary to Shipping Goats present all around the world .   










Alpine et Saanen are the two breeds primarily bred for their dairy abilities. Their production exceeds 1000 liters of milk per year and allows the development of dairy farms efficient and modern.

Genetic selection and dairy control are constantly improving the quality of the animals that La Metairie du Rouergue offers for export. We ensure the shipment of goats and billy goats all promising, with a high genetic level and significant production potential in the first year. Their care is from birth to 4 8 month young dairy goats to ensure good growth and start performance.




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Dairy goat



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